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Information sheet



Fundraising information (the sale will run 10/30-11/13)   Turn in date 11/6/2022 and 11/13/2022.

The Spirit Wear Store is open from November 22, 2022-December 1st, 2022. We will do the best for turnaround time as the company allow us to.


Dues are due: In two installments or may be paid in full:

Cash or Check made out to Crystal City Volleyball Club

November 13  18U, 17U, 16U, 15U-$325.00  -2pm collection

14U, 13U, -$225.00 -6pm collection

December 4 18U, 17U, 16U, 15U -$325.00    -2pm collection

14U, 13U, 12U -$225.00-6pm collection

Failure to pay your dues on time will result in players not being able to play in tournaments, receive uniforms, and possible practice restrictions.

No refund will be given for leaving a team.

Communications with coaches is a must.  It is important to communicate about missing practices and or tournaments with plenty of time for coaches to make adjustments if needed.

Commitment to your team for practices and tournaments is crucial to the success of your team.

Uniforms Numbers on the jerseys are randomly assigned due to player movement among teams and age groups if necessary.  Uniform bottoms will be black spandex provided by the player.  If your daughter needs to order a pair, please contact Irene Furness to order them.